@deepTake(treelike, count)

Traverses deeply inside the tree, returning the first count values. This is essentially a deep version of @take or a constrained version of @deepValues.

$ cat greetings.yaml
  a: Hello, a.
  b: Hello, b.
  c: Hello, c.
  a: Bonjour, a.
  b: Bonjour, b.
  c: Bonjour, c.
  a: Hola, a.
  b: Hola, b.
  c: Hola, c.
$ ori @deepTake greetings.yaml, 5
- Hello, a.
- Hello, b.
- Hello, c.
- Bonjour, a.
- Bonjour, b.
g english ->english english french ->french french spanish ->spanish spanish english/a Hello, a. english->english/a a english/b Hello, b. english->english/b b english/c Hello, c. english->english/c c french/a Bonjour, a. french->french/a a french/b Bonjour, b. french->french/b b french/c Bonjour, c. french->french/c c spanish/a Hola, a. spanish->spanish/a a spanish/b Hola, b. spanish->spanish/b b spanish/c Hola, c. spanish->spanish/c c
g 0 Hello, a. ->0 0 1 Hello, b. ->1 1 2 Hello, c. ->2 2 3 Bonjour, a. ->3 3 4 Bonjour, b. ->4 4
Input tree