@treeHttps(domain, [...keys])

Returns a new SiteTree for the indicated domain. If keys are supplied, this traverses the keys and returns the resulting value. This lets you retrieve resources from an existing website by treating it as a tree.

The site must define .keys.json files if the site tree is to be able to enumerate its contents.

You won’t normally call this function directly. Instead, you can specify the custom treehttps: protocol in a URL.

$ ori treehttps://weborigami.org/samples/greetings/
Alice: Hello, Alice.
Bob: Hello, Bob.
Carol: Hello, Carol.

The custom treehttps: protocol invokes this @treeHttps function to create a SiteTree.

Origami also supports tree: as a shorthand for treehttps:, so you could rewrite the above command as:

$ ori tree://weborigami.org/samples/greetings/