Start the pattern tutorial

If you’d like to run the samples shown in this pattern tutorial, you can do that in two ways:

Option 1: Web-hosted GitHub Codespaces coding environment

GitHub Codespaces is intended for people who are comfortable in a full programming environment. It uses a web-based version of VS Code, a popular editor for professional software developers. Codespaces is a fee-based service, but free GitHub accounts include a monthly amount of free use of Codespaces.

Open the pattern introduction on GitHub.

Create your own copy of the project by clicking the Fork button near the top.

In your newly-created copy of the pattern intro project, click the Code button, then the Codespaces tab, then click the button Create codespace on main.

Option 2: Your local coding environment

With this option, you can use whatever code editor you prefer. You will need to have Node.js installed.

Clone the WebOrigami/pattern-intro repository to your own machine.

Open a terminal window in the project’s root directory, then:

$ npm install

This installs a single package you’ll use in the tutorial to convert markdown content to HTML.


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